Tomball ISD Offers Free H1N1 Vaccines for Staff, Students

Recently, Tomball ISD announced it will provide free H1N1 vaccines to all students and employees in Tomball, Tx. Tomball ISD received the H1N1 flu vaccine from the Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services (HCPHES) Department. For all students and employees in the district, the HCPHES approved the shot. At no expense to the district, Tomball ISD asked for and received the vaccine from HCPHES. Tomball ISD maintains an enrollment of 10,229 students, and employs 1,453 people.
The H1N1 vaccine is not mandatory, Superintendent John Neubauer stated. He stated, “This is an option we are offering to our students and employees as an attempt to maintain good health and wellness throughout the district, but is it not required for anyone to get the shot.”
During the school day in December, shot clinics will be set up at every campus when the shots will be administered. Along with additional information and a permission form, a letter was sent home with every child in the district. They are asked to return the form, if a parent wants their child to receive the shot.
Parents are asked to contact their child’s school nurse to discuss whether or not the vaccine should be taken, if a child has an allergy to eggs or has had previous problems after taking a vaccine. The school nurse will consult with the county health department’s medical director for guidance, if there are additional questions.
Parents are invited to be with their child when they receive the shot, Director of Nursing Sandra Gann stated. She stated, “Getting a shot can be a distressing event, especially for elementary students. A parent would be the best person to hold and comfort them during that time.”
One of the nurses or a parent volunteer will hold and comfort elementary students, if it is not possible for a parent to be present. The vaccine will not be given if a student of any age is too upset, struggles excessively or refuses the shot. Also, Tomball ISD will offer the second shot free.
Tomball ISD is made up of several fine schools in Tomball, by luxurious communities like Haven Lake Estates, Holly Creek, Northpointe Forest, Estates of Holly Lake, Stonebridge Ranch Estates, Treeline, Pine Country, Hunterwood and Stone Lake.
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